Zaynab Awan
September 6, 2018
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Writing : A Passion and Purpose

I believed writing was an arduous job as a result of me having a hard time writing. To me writing was a tedious and tiresome work, hence being a writer requires a great deal of commitment and time. What never really crossed my mind is the use of writing as an emotional outlet, it helped me convey the sentiments I was not comfortable talking. Additionally, it supplied a way for me to calm the chaotic storms of emotions brewing inside me.

Emotions into Words

There were times, I remember, when I wrote either to express my feelings, help a friend or to pass an exam. But all those occasions incidentally brought me to this point where I want to pursue writing as a profession.

The first time I recall writing something was when I was in elementary. I wrote a letter to the teacher I liked. She was one of the kindest persons I have ever known. Moreover, she was smart, beautiful and nice. I wrote the letter mentioning how I admired her and wanted to be like her as a grownup. The language was not up to the par, but as a result, it laid the foundation for me to start writing.

Another instance that made me not give up on writing was in school. I had a writing class and I was terrible at academic writing. By the way, the instructor pointed out my errors was so rude. Furthermore, she criticized my writing in front of the class and told me to practically abandon writing. It was heart-wrenching. Although it debilitated my efforts to write, in the meantime, it gave me an incentive to never give up on writing.

Afterwards, I used to write emails to my mother and those were emotional and truly heartfelt words. I would cry when writing those emails as they were the reminders of the distance between my mother and me. I was away from home so those visceral emails made me feel liberated and gave me a chance to pour all my emotions into words. This is probably the reason that writing does have sentimental value in my life.

Writing, for me, has constantly been a way out of my conflicting emotions. Even more so it’s cherishing without having to interact with people, that for an introvert like me is a nightmare. Thereby, I can’t imagine myself being deprived of writing and having lost this opportunity to express myself and to never relish those moments I spend reflecting on my thoughts. Writing may appear difficult for those who do not write, but once you start, there’s no way you want to stop either it’s for yourself or for others.


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