Umar Riaz
October 2, 2018
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Social Evils in Pakistan | List of Social Evils


Social Evils in Pakistan play the vital role in the decimation of any society. Pakistan is also in those countries which are facing many social evils. Social evils have effected in every field of life and destroy the peace of the country. List of Social Evils in Pakistan.


Pakistan have many social evils. Social issues list given below:

  1. Corruption
  2. Poverty
  3. Unemployment
  4. Bribery
  5. Dishonesty
  6. Black marketing


One of the most worst social evil in Pakistan is corruption out of 6 Social Evils in Pakistan, unfortunately it is spread all over the country. It is not only found in Government departments but also in Private Sectors. People can do right or wrong with the power of money at any level. Well educated people are jobless due to it. Now it has become the rule, first corruption and then you find Job as you want or wish. 

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The second most vital evil in Pakistan is poverty out of 6 Social Evils. A large number of children doing work in different places such as work shops, restaurants etc. It is a heart breaking social evil. The main reason of high child labour in Pakistan is unemployment and Poverty. The poor families cannot afford the expenses of their children’s education. They forced them for working. It is against the law of country but due to the need and urge for money they are forced to do so.

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In 2017, the unemployment rate in Pakistan was 5.9% percent. It is also a worldwide case. It is also known as a mother of all social evils. Our social system is the main cause of unemployment. The jobless people doing wrong with themselves and other people. They become robber and snatch expensive things of the people.


Bribery is also an evil from 6 Social Evils in Pakistan. Bribery has also spread in our society. It spoils the charm and beauty of society in many ways. It brings many such people at the front who do not deserve. Peoples are also hurt due to bribery who are educated and the top of merit list. We see it almost in every field of life that from a Peon to the higher level Officer is engaged in this shameful act. A deserve person cannot get job without bribery and corruption. Black Marketing is also a shameful social evil in Pakistan.

In short there are many Social Evils in Pakistan which is harmful for our beloved country and its prosperity. We can control all the evils if anybody recognizes its rights and become honest.

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