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August 12, 2018
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Role of Internet in Life | Importance of Internet in our Life


Internet is very useful tool nowadays. It has totally changed the human life. Internet has bought both positive and negative effects on the society.

Internet is easier to do research, few years earlier to collect information was a great task for students and researchers. They visited different places or libraries to gather information about their topics. Now, It has become very easier. Every person can get information about everything. For example, Doctor can collect information about medical, student for study, businessman for business. Internet has changed the human’s life totally. It has transformed the world into global village in real term. It is a low cost source to exchange ideas and information.

Internet: An Earning source

With the help of Internet communication with family, friends and relatives is now faster. Moving away from home for study, to earn money or get Job can be a stressful act but with Internet they keep in touch with their families by sending pictures, emails and face to face communicate like as Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp etc. Internet also provides the opportunity to earn money at home from different websites like as Freelancers, Upwork etc. Try Essay is also known a new and big platform for writers, where students have access to free Essays  and also hire expert writers. Expert Writers can earn money from this website against their services.

Internet: A negative path

Unfortunately, the wrong and corrupt use of Internet has also made it great curse. Children, our youth and old ones have become addicted of Internet. Everyone is looking busy to playing online games. Many children have decided to spend all their time in front of computer, playing games instead of playing outside.

Further speaking, Pornography is rampant and now is  one of the biggest negative effect of the Internet and causing very bad and adversely effecting people minds. Many people use internet for vulgar chatting, nude films and immoral programs in world. Nowadays, many marriages have problems because of pornography, meeting other people.

Using internet, people forget that there are real people in their surrounding who need their attention. People so involved in the Internet they forgotten their responsibilities. The Parents always look busy in their mobile phones instead of their children. It is also a fact using internet, man can be a victim of criminal activities which are harmful for his family and country. Students are also wasting their time in bad activities which greatly effect on their study and health.

The effects of Internet to people can be positive or negative. There is a need to put the internet to right and wise use.  Its wrong use must be discouraged. The Government should take a strict action again the immoral websites.

At last, Internet should only be used as source of vast information and fast communication. Its wise use can make it real blessing for all of us.

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