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Posted on November 11, 2014

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Project Desciption

I need someone to move all the files from my website from one hosting company to my new hosting company. I have already transferred the domains so all I need is the files moved.

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PHP Developer


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Fahad Butt

Web Developer


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I’m new here. I am comming from upwork. You can visit my upwork profile.

You can approach me on My upwork profile and view my work history there Or we can disscuss your project here too.

My Upwork Profile URL:

My name is Fahad. I’m an experienced freelance Full Stack web developer.I’d like to be consider for this job.

I have 2+ years of development and consultancy experience in HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, Laravel , Code igniter, WordPress (themes installation, themes customization, theme development ,Plugin integration etc.), MySQL and Linux.

I’ve done many projects in mentioned technologies for organizations and for my up work clients as you can see in my job history. I can give you exact estimate for time and cost after visualizing the whole project. I’ll offer you the best market rate for this job.

My Backend project:

My Frontend Fully Responsive project:

As disscuss in your job description, I can deliever your website from one domain to another domain.We can disscuss more in depth in private chat.

If you think I’m the right guy to work with then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards
Fahad Butt

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