Adil Maqsood
December 1, 2018
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Generalized and Customizable Control Management System for Small Businesses (FYP) – Web Based Solution. · School Management System – Web Based Solution

Small businesses like retailers or service providers often needs a computerized software to store their business relevant data for future use. The data could be of customer’s, employee’s, product’s or sale records. The need to store these information are to use that data in future for business analysis which helps the business to grow, reduce chances of human mistakes, increase work efficiency, make accounting easy and allow businesses to gain competitive advantages. Although there are many such software available that fulfill these requirements to their best. However they also have some drawbacks in terms of performance, complexity, functionality, reliability, generality of the system and user-friendliness. By generality we mean a system that allows customization up to some level. For example a user want to store the product’s record with some custom attributes like size, color in case of cloth retail business which are not available in the built in system. The system allow the user to create these custom attributes in product module with few clicks.
In this project we want to discuss two basic problems that we have seen in the existing systems while surveying local retailers or shops. The problems are lack of customization facility and complex interfaces, these major problems may also cause work performance and efficiency issues. We will discuss some other minor problems and will give solution to that later on.
Our system will give customization facility through which a user could be able to select among different modules according to his/her requirements, each module will be designed to do some specific tasks. e.g. product module manages products, sales and other relevant records. Similarly a person could be able to add one or more custom attributes in product’s table.