Umar Riaz
September 1, 2018
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Personalities, Dreams and Struggle

Life is not a bed of roses. Everybody has to struggle and strive hard to achieve his/her goals. There are two ways in life: short cut and the second one is the proper way. In former way we can get what we want but with sense of not getting hold of it for long time. Also short way is the way we might break rules. But the other way is quite long and hard and one has to do struggle to achieve his/her goals. But the end is fruitful and long lasting. Following are some of the personalities who by their determination, self-confidence, dedication and selfless acts achieved their dreams and whole world still admire their struggle and achievement.

Quaid e Azam

Muhammad Ali Jinah

Muhammad Ali Jinah

We as human dream about everything. Some of us dream about having good house some of us dream about good job and as well, good life style and so the list goes on. But every dream comes up with struggle compromises dedication and also determination. Like if we take an example of our hero Quaid e Azam, he struggled for the separate homeland for Muslims. His dream was to carve out the boundaries for Muslims where we can practice our religion and do teachings of Islam where everyone has equal rights. However, with this dream He has to struggle more than 7 years. He stuck to his dream by his will and determination. No doubt, he always knew that many will be against Him and will be a stone in my path but he always stuck to his dream and on 14th of august 1947 without any violence activity, He achieved his dream of Pakistan.

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”

Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal - The Great Poet

Allama Iqbal

Allama Muhammaad Iqbal, a poet, a philosopher, a thinker. Allama Iqbal also know as the “poet of East” or “Shair e Mashriq”. At that time he studied law and politics and speak out for Muslims and their separate homeland. Iqbal expressed his thoughts and vision through his poetry. Most part of his poetry is in Persian. Iqbal was influenced by Mulana Rumi. When the name of Rumi comes then so the name of Sufism. Sufism Spiritual Connection with God. Furthermore, Iqbal took stand for the separate homeland of Muslims. But he remained on his ground steadily and started expressing his thoughts through poetry. Many of the people pointed towards Iqbal’s idea of separate nation for Muslims but he was determined on his decision. Also, Iqbal wrote shikwa and Jawab e shikwa. A marvelous poetry. When Iqbal wrote shikwa “Shikayat Allah sy” then Muslim religious leaders didn’t follow Iqbal and had not praised his this way of poetry Then ultimately He wrote Jawab e Shikwa “Answer of Allah about shikayats”. Then our religious leader praised him. It’s a master piece of poetry. One of the Great lines from Iqbal’s poetry (Jawab e Shikwa) are as follows

Jawab e Shikwa Iqbal

Such a beautiful mind, deep thinking, spiritual connection is not matter of days or months. Its struggle, hardwork and result of selfless actions.

Pablo Picasso

Many of us familiar with the name Picasso. Pablo Picasso a Spanish and a marvelous painter of his time. His father was not rich person as a result of which his painting expenses was beyond the income of His father’s. So he got help from his uncle. He left his home for the passion of painting. Most of his life was spent in France. When he drew paintings, he was not appreciated at all in beginning. But he himself and some of the his friends appreciated him alot. Hence, because of his self-confidence and passionate struggle in painting he got his name in world most famous painters.  No doubt his number of paintings was rejected and also he has financial issue as well as residential problems but He stuck to his goal because he knew that one day, one day he will be the famous painter of the world so he proved it.

Oil Painting Pablo Picasso

“Science and charity” Picasso second Oil Painting in 1897

Above picture is one of the oil paintings of Picasso he made when he was only 15 or 16 years old. Hence, during early 20th century he revolutionized the painting world, which is called Cubism (Art movement). Therefore, by his will and continuous struggle he achieved what he dreamed of.

A person can achieve anything what he/she want. But today we always go for short cuts and ultimately we fail. First we should plan our way to how to achieve our dream. Then we should execute. Planning is very important ingredient in life if we do not plan we always circle around the same thing or stray blindly.

It does not matter how big or small the goal is ultimately Dreams comes to Reality when we have vision in our eyes, confidence in our self, dedication in our work, patience in our life and determination in our blood.


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