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June 17, 2018
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Mobile Phone and Its Effects


Mobile Phone is a great invention of Science. It has become need of everybody. It is a cheap source to communicate with family or friends no matter what where you live. Like all countries of the world, mobile phones are popular day by day. Everybody has a mobile phone. The growth rate of smart phone usage in World is continuously increasing day by day. At the same time world has 4.77 Billions mobile phone users and the amount is continuously growing.

Advantage of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone has many functions.You can collect many memories in your mobile.You can play games, listen to music as you want. It is very easy to carry any where. It is helpful to maintain one’s privacy. It is also helpful during the Journey and in case of emergency. It also helps the trader, businessman and shopkeepers.

It is a great equipment in order to improve knowledge. If you have any doubt in your study you can get great explanation with the help of mobile phone. It is very helpful for the students to gain extra knowledge. Few years ago, only aged people read newspaper to know what is happening in the world but, nowadays with the help of mobile phone everybody know what is happening around the world.

Positive and Negative Effect of Fashion on our Society

Disadvantage of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone has also many disadvantages. Children and young generation always look busy to playing games all the time. Many students has distracted their study due to it. Their studies and other useful activities are destroyed by mobile phone. Mobile phone can seriously harmful for your brain, especially teenager and children who are under 16 years old. It is also cause of accident if you are busy in attending call and sending message. Because your attention is diverted from the road. Mobile phone is also used in criminal acts such as kidnapping, robbery, terrorism etc.

It is said mobile phone also a source of causing many diseases especially heart and ear problems. Using alot of mobile phone is also a waste of time and money, many people have become addicted of mobile phone. People are also involved many criminal activities which are harmful for their future, family and country.

Molestation is also spread due to mobile phone. Our young generation has become addicted of sexual activities. Almost 3.2 Millions cases of child sex abuse reported in word every year. According to a report in last two years, 6.6 Million cases of were reported in world which is so shameful for us. This is all due to watch sexual and nude films on the mobile phone.

Mobile phone can become very useful if we use it properly. It is also very helpful to collect information about all over the world. No dout, mobile phone and its services are expensive but its ever improving services are attracting and forcing people to buy it. Nothing is harmful if we use it right way.

Essay written By: Tahira Asif

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