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December 30, 2018
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Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

Expectations were high for the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019. Milan is widely accepted as the fashion center of the world, precisely because of the creative freedom it offers. Last year, designers truly exercised that freedom and gave us the best fashion week in a long while. This year, they took it to another level altogether.

The Best Bits from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

From bold prints and patterns to
the most creative display of solid colors, it was a week full of awe-inspiring
shows. Everyone put their best foot forward but some took it one step ahead.
Today, we will take a look at the best bits from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019.

Philipp Plein’s Thrilling Tribute

A model with Vitiligo walks down the ramp in a stunning and sparkling body suits with a pair of heavily studded strappy long boots – you know where Plein is going with this. The designer captured his audience into a nostalgic blast from the past with the most perfect tribute for the King of Pop. The collection had some of the most blindingly glimmering dresses of the season. While there were different types of dresses, jackets and boots were the real showstoppers. Not to mention, we are totally digging those glittery socks.

Giorgio Armani’s Glistening Fringes

Designers didn’t hold back on the bling during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019. A true feast for the eyes was Giorgio Armani’s marine-inspired collection. The soothing, soft hues of the oceans beautifully complement the glittery fringes, flowy frills, and sequined fabric. If mermaids ever decide to walk on lands, this will be their collection of choice.

Giorgio Armani’s Glistening Fringes

Missoni Walks the Line

One of our favorite’s from the season was the Missoni’s collection, which was all about lines. Horizontal stripes, vertical strips, zigzags, and other ways one can use lines to create patterns and prints – that is precisely the gist. And then they threw in a mix of colors and styles that were at the same time classic yet modern. The collection marks Missoni’s 65th year in the fashion industry.

Missoni Walks the Line

Roberto Cavalli’s Wild Side

In all honesty, Roberto Cavalli’s
show at Milan Fashion Week
Spring/Summer 2019 was just like any other Cavalli show, until it was
taken over by the wild strips. First, there was GiGi wearing the gorgeous brown
suit with camouflaged zebra strips. Then after a series of feminine numbers,
the audience was treated to a bolder display of prints from the wild. What’s
truly commendable is how Roberto Cavalli didn’t lose its elegance and charm
despite the experimental play on prints.

Roberto Cavalli’s Wild Side

Trendy Tie-dye by  MassimoGiorgetti

MSGM was all about prints this
season. From florals to geometric, we saw it all. One print that really stood
out for the audience and speaks volumes about MSGM’s ability to resurrect dying
trends, no pun intended, is the tie-dye. Massimo Giorgetti paired tie-dye with
denim and added some frills and fringes to turn it into the hottest trend of
the season. The tie-dye also added a new level of funk to oversized coats and
shirtdresses. Now we are totally looking forward to tie-dyed splashes of colors
come spring.

Trendy Tie-dye by MassimoGiorgetti

Versace’s Play with Solids

Versace has always been big on
prints. The 90s Versace is actually remembered for bringing bold prints in
vogue. We thought it was a point of no return, but its Versace we are talking
about. Milan Fashion Week
Spring/Summer 2019 did showcased wonderful prints but none of it was as
gorgeous as an amazing array of splendid solids we witnessed. From a sultry
black slip dress to a bold blue leather top paired with bright red leather mini
skirt, Versace unraveled the true spirit of solids.

Versace’s Play with Solids

Moshino’s Unfinished Businesses

Moshino’s Spring/Summer collection in Milan can be best described as a satirical statement. Starting with a phone call urging the designer to “put something together,” it was a subtle poke at designers whose work seems a bit rushed and ergo, unfinished. It is a collection of retro 80s styled attire complete, or should we say incomplete, with scribbles.It even includes gorgeous evening gown with scissors and measuring tapes hanging around. We have yet to see a stronger statement making show this season.

The Verdict

The verdict is in - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 was an absolute win. It definitely turned out to be a show that will set the trend for spring/summer fashion 2019.