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October 5, 2018
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Medical advantages and disadvantages of Marijuana

Disadvantage of Marijuana, with gradual flow of time there has been sudden upheaval in psyche of many individuals, the intake of Marijuana has become quite random, instigating many disadvantages side by side with advantages to the medical makeup of individual. Many neurological and psychological problems have paved their way towards the use of Marijuana as a coping mechanism.

Drugs are the enemies of ambition and hope and when we fight against drugs we are fighting for the future.” -Bob Riley

Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana like any other drug is used in medicines and in most part of the world which contributes to its positive use however in modern era, tedious and humdrum routine of life has made man to seek refuge in certain inappropriate ways to sooth his mind and he has indulged himself in finding tranquility through the use of drugs, giving birth to many side effects and disadvantages which has ruined many lives and crumbled many dreams.

Marijuana, despite being an illegal drug is used in colossal abundance in most part of the world in different ways. Most recent statistics aids to the point by giving percentage of its highest use in Iceland population which is eighteen percent. It has variety of names such as, “pot,” “weed,” and “herb”. Combination of different flowers and tattered leaves of Cannabis sativa plant takes the form of marijuana. Individuals who find its relaxation properties as ultimate pleasure hunt for different ways in order to use this drug. They adopt ways like smoking marijuana by the use of bong, however in other cases they use cigars.

Marijuana Medical Advantages

Major Marijuana Medical Advantages, Use of certain drugs in their precise quantity in accordance with the need of hour puts forward certain medical advantages however their abrupt use leads to injurious consequences. In similar way, marijuana being an illegal substance has its own medical advantages and is considered legal in certain parts of Europe for the purpose of medical usage. It aids to the reducing of pressure induced on to the inner part of eye. Furthermore it benefits to ease pain and treats influenza through its warm soothing effect. Cannabidiol, a certain chemical which lies within marijuana aids in prevention of cancer. Gene named as id-1 is constricted by the help of Cannabidol which helps in prevention of cancer by calming down the cancerous cells.

One of the most recurrently used illicit narcotic used in most of the West for it its pleasant and minimizing seizure properties is marijuana. Its encouraging effects include a state of eternal bliss fain a state of euphoria and frenzied period of mood where individual forgets about the worries of life and his mind becomes befogged like clouds. It relaxes the muscle tension allowing individual to become calm and tranquil. It also helps in minimizing epileptic episodes. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is another name for Cannabinoids helps in controlling and minimizing epileptic seizures by reacting with chemical and neural activity of brain by relaxing it certain disease such as Alzheimer’s, marijuana plays a vital role in slowing down the advancement of this disease by filibustering the enzyme in the particular region of brain.

Marijuana Negative affects on brain and body | Disadvantages of Marijuana

Marijuana Disadvantage, Marijuana unlike any other natural drug contributes to its disadvantages as well. It hinders with the construction of memory, in the hippocampus region of brain which is responsible for many important functions gets affected by chemicals present in Marijuana and negatively changes the normal processing of memory. Its frequent use during adolescence period becomes an uproot to the later days as the age proceeds. Tetrahydrocannabinol intake through marijuana muddles with cerebellum and basal ganglia regions of brain which have the function of proper body maintenance. Locomotion and motor activity of body becomes uncontrollable and abrupt by its use.

Recreational purposes of intake of marijuana is seen in abundance in youngsters causing many psychological disorders and problems. An individual adopts a sense of de-realization after taking it. One becomes prone to hallucinate and furthermore loses his sense of self. It’s another negative effect is that it causes blurriness in vision and increases appetite and when the tolerance level of its intake increases the likelihood for its negative withdrawal symptoms may also increase to an extent that one may feel extreme anxiety and fits.

Another disadvantage worthy of mention is the short term memory loss due to the intake of marijuana. Short term memory also known as “Working memory”, in marijuana’s frequent use does not form appropriately which also affects in low formation of long term memory while under the intoxicated effect, individual’s may never record the information from its environment in first place in order to retain and then to retrieve it rather one may become completely awe struck while mentioning any sort of period to them while they were under its effect.


In a nutshell, marijuana has indeed its explicit medical effects however as the saying goes, “excess of everything is bad” in exact manner, it has its medically proven drawbacks. The field of medicine by no doubt has emerged to great extent but to overcome disadvantages of certain drugs, their use must be restricted to medications under advise of doctor rather than intake of such intoxicants by one’s own free will.

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