Alinah Shah
September 19, 2018
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JOOTAY DO, PAISAY LO! – How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Just as autumn is also known as fall, winters in Pakistan is the “Shadi season”!  Wedding season in Pakistan is pretty much all year round but the true hype begins from fall and continues till spring. When we talk about shadis (weddings) in Pakistan, there are two things that everyone looks forward to i.e. Food (duh) and obviously the Ravishing Dulhan (Bride). No detail or dream is too little for any bride!

I’m sure we can all relate to how our ammis (mothers) and naanies (grandmothers) tell delightful stories of how it was acceptable for a bride to be simple and not worry past a wedding dress in those long-gone eras. Shoes, bags, makeup etc. – nothing mattered! Whereas, today no wedding is complete without the perfect venue, the cute candid photography, perfect rukhsati song or even the right color of napkins! To be precisely giving attention to every little detail is the sole purpose of every modern bride to be. And so a bride must put her heart and soul into finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes too! Is this too much? Not really if you think about it! After all, you’d hate a picture zooming in to your feet and finding *gasp shock horror* flipflops, no? Okay, that’s a bit too dramatic. Allow me to share a few simple tips on how to find a perfect pair of wedding shoes.

Finding shoes is definitely not a cake walk especially for a choosy obsessive dulhan (bride). So, following is a list of small rules for getting the right wedding shoes!


  1. Don’t spend too much on shoes

While the wedding shoes need to look pretty and complement your dress, it is futile to get a super expensive pair since it’s unlikely you’d use them very much after the wedding. You can get good quality affordable, trendy and pretty wedding shoes from different local brands such as Metro, Insignia, Stylo, Borjan, Walk Eaze and Mocciani.

  1. Instead of perfectly matched to a wedding dress, get a pair in neutral tones

Having a pair that works with multiple dresses and is a pretty party one makes it more wearable and economical.

  1. Height, or lack thereof

If you’re 5’2″, you will need all the support you can get from your heels for added inches. However, for wedding shoes, you should keep the inches low with a comfortable 2-3″ heel. You may have to stand for hours and excruciating heels along with the weight of the lehenga, jewelry, etc. do not do anything except add discomfort. However, if you’re a tall bride you can always go for detailed hand worked khussas or flats from khussa mehal in liberty, Lahore or a heavily embellished designer footwear from Walk Eaze or Almas!

  1. What kind of shoes to buy

For the wedding, as said earlier choose neutral tones (maybe gold or silver) with a comfortable heel. Your wedding shoes should have the perfect bling and shine without taking a toll on your feet. You can choose from a variety of heels like stilettos, Peep toes, open toes, platforms, wedges etc.


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