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August 2, 2018
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Human Body & Down Syndrome


The researchers found out that from every 700 babies one birth is of Down syndrome baby. In human body every single cell contain nucleus with genetic materials and those materials help to store the genes. Genes further contain codes which are mainly responsible for all of the genetic or inherited functions along with the chromosomes. Normally, human cell carry 23 chromosomes pair, from which half of the chromosomes are inherited by parent cell. In Down syndrome, nucleus are of 21 chromosomes. Due to change, in the chromosomal number develop and cause the features associated with the Down syndrome.

Down syndrome baby can occur in people of all races. This syndrome doesn't depend upon the activities performed by woman in her pregnancy period, or by stress, depression or any other of the environmental factor. The most evident cause of this disease in babies is maternal age. Increase in the maternal age raises the cause of Down syndrome resulting from mosaicism or non-disjunction. Studies have shown that a 35 years old women has 1 percent chances of a Down syndrome baby from her 350 conceiving and this chance progressively increases to 1 to 100 by age of 40.


Two Phases at which Down syndrome can be diagnosed are as follows:

  1. Prenatally
  2. Birth

Prenatally can be defined as the test which is performed before the birth of baby and it further include screening and diagnostic tests. Also, Screening test doesn't give accuracy in the result they just provide probability that the fetus may be a down syndrome. While, diagnostic test give a 100 percent accurate result about fetus having Down syndrome or not. Furthermore, at birth phase it is recognized by the physical appearance of the child that baby is Down syndrome. The physical appearance may include low tone of muscle, deep crease on the palm, small stature and slant eye.  However, Down syndrome is not a disorder it’s a syndrome which cannot be treated even in the fetus.


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