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December 16, 2018
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How to UNZIP Files

The most common technique used by most of the PC users is compressing (zip unzip) several files and folder into one dedicated file. In Windows, you can basically use Winzip, WinRAR, 7Zip, etc for compressing and unzipping files. In case if u have installed full Linux distros with GUI, you can likewise discover and utilize same app to do same tasks. What about a Linux server which you can just access it by means of SSH client?

Understanding that numerous documents are compressed and conveyed as compress data files, likewise that you may need to compress a few records into one compress document so you can download it or exchange it somewhere else, so here it is I reveal to you how to do compressing and unzipping in a Linux-based VPS or Dedicated server through SSH client (for this situation I use Putty, in Linux or Mac you can make use of Terminal). Video tutorial also given below.

How to UnZip gz File in Linux & Other Servers


I will show you how to zip / compress file and to unzip / decompress / extract file in Linux server via SSH

Step 1.

Open Putty or Terminal then login to your server via SSH

Step 2.

Once you are logged into your server via SSH, now navigate to the directory where the .zip file you wish to unzip is located there.

Step 3.

Then type following command to try unzipping

unzip [filename].zip



you may be successful but you may not.

error message:

– bash: unzip: command not found

In this case you have to install it first.

Step 4.

Use following command:

for Debian and Ubuntu:

apt-get install unzip

for Red Hat Linux/Fedora/CentOS users:

yum install unzip

Step 5.

That’s it. Now you can try unzipping it again using command in step 3 above.

Watch video How to Unzip File with PuTTY