How It Work

Following easy methods for your help

For Employers

Click on >Post a Project



You will accept Bids on your project. Accept bid or contact with this Freelancer.


When click on “Accept Bid” Try Essay ask your “Security Code” for transaction credit from your wallet.


Security Code” received on your email address. Please don’t share your security code to others.


Payment sent to admin and informed to Freelancer that payment received. Payment reserved till completion of work/project.


Conversation box will be open with Employer and hired Freelancer. Both parties can share files and opinions with each other.


Employer can Lock File when received project / work’s file.


Box will be opened when click on “Finish“. Employer can add review about Freelancer e.g rating, behavior, skills etc. Payment will be released after click on “Finish” and project will be closed.


For Freelancers

Open Project and Bid on posted project


Box will be opened and fill your budget according to project, Delivery time, Add note and submit your Bid.


Freelancer received notification & email, when Employer accept Freelancer’s Bid. Open project and click on “Workspace“.


Freelancer can start private conversation with Employer. Freelancer can send files through “Project Files“.


Freelancer received notification & email, when Employer press “Complete” button and Freelancer received payment in wallet. Freelancer also can add review on Employer’s profile & rating.


Deposit Credit in Account

First update your bank or mobile account details e.g Your Name, Bank Account or Jazz Cash Account or EasyPaisa Account and click on “Update“.


Click on your profile logo and click on “My Credit” on your profile logo and press “Deposit“.


Select your Package and click “Next setup“.


Select your payment method


If your select “Cash” then this window will be opened. Send your money to following account and send your transaction msg and your username to +923495918884. Click on “Make Payment” after sending amount. Your account will be charged within 30 Minutes (Maximum).


Withdraw your Credit

Update your account information before withdraw. Add your bank account details. You can add your mobile account number in bank account box also.


Click on “Withdraw“, if you want to withdraw your credit from your account. Your amount will be received in your mobile account within 30 Minutes (Maximum).