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May 10, 2018
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How to Hide Facebook Friend List and Block Friend Request

My this video related to Facebook Friendliest Privacy. Sometime you see that your friends's friend list not shown and sometime you see that post not shown of everyone and you thought that how possible! But its very simple method that you can also block or hide friend list or post sharing. Just open your facebook and open setting and click on Privacy. Privacy button in the 3rd number after tagging button.

Click on Privacy and you can see here many types privacy like as how to block friend list, how to hide friend list, How to hide post, How to hide email and hide mobile number on facebook. Click on any button as your desired. And select that public, friend and only me option. Only me means that only you can your post or friendlist on facebook. Public means every one send you friend request and anyone can see your post on facebook. Select as your desired. If not understood then watch my video and follow the easy matter.

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