Murrium Mahmood
October 21, 2018
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Only a Good Listener can Become a Good Speaker

Only a Good Listener can Become a Good Speaker

Effective Listening is more important than talking | Good Listener

“Listening is a master skill for personal and professional greatness”. ( Sharma, 2006)
Effective listening actually means to absorb the information given to us by a speaker and showing him by our gestures that we are listening and taking interest in his speech. We must also give him a necessary feedback so that he or she knows that the message was received. The first and foremost thing involved in effective listening is ‘Action’. Eye contact, relaxed state of mind, nodding, and other positive body language can help in communicating our responses to him/her. The listener can also engage by widening the range of the conversation, such as by inquiring about or suggesting alternatives to the topics or conclusions at hand (Zandman, 2011).

A Good Listener Infact is a Good Speaker

Libuse Binder in this regard mentions an extremely good point in her book “Ten Ways to Change the World in your Twenties”, saying that a good dialogue is based on our own abilities to listen to other’s point of view, even when we don’t agree with them. Several people said that we have “two ears and one mouth” and that this is an enough reason why we should spend more time listening. Jason Fisher added: “I like to use this ratio [2:1] when listening and speaking.” ( Fisher 2001). And Vaibhav Gupta posted: “Listening is more effective compared with speaking because in the corporate world, everyone is given a chance to share his or her thoughts. This can only be valuable if people are given an empathetic ear!” (Gupta, 1999). By effective listening we really mean that one must be in a position to listen to other person’s comments and explanations without giving any counter comments, and indulging into a fight.

The issue in having a decent dialogue goes past people’s ability to listen. People are ever interested in being good debaters, good commentators, and often good analytics; but they are always lagging behind just because of their inability to listen to other’s views. However, the fact is that a person can never be a good speaker if he has not efficient guts to listen.

Active Listening Can Make You a Good Speaker

Individuals are inclined to be constrained towards the things they don’t understand. When they face opinions or facts and figures that push them out of their comfort zone. They are rarely capable to enable smooth flow of information. We as a human cannot face ignorance because our ego comes in our path. If a person wants to become a good listener he/she must first examine his/herself. Even though we are individuals with our own moral and intellectual values, the truth is universal. Before we present an argument, we need to believe in it.

It is absolutely correct that effective listening is more important and beneficial than speaking, as it plays an important part in improving our dialogue. But apart from this, speaking is also important, for it is through speaking that we can put forth our own views regarding a topic which we have listened. However, there is no denying the fact that speaking with listening effectively is useless, because every word that we utter from our mouth becomes influential only by effective listening.


To conclude, I strongly agree with the fact that effective listening is much more influential than speaking. This is because a good and effective speaker comes up only if he listens effectively.