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November 3, 2018
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Get Google Drive Direct Image Url From Google Drive Share Link


As a matter of course, the audio/video record size should be under 100MB, generally Google Drive will complain it can't examine the virus and will decline to make further move. In case if your video document measure is bigger than 100MB, open the generated Google Drive coordinate link with any of your browser but most suitably with google chrome, right click the button "Download anyway", at that point click Copy Link Address from the setting menu. Get Google Drive Share Link.

How Get Google Drive Direct Image Url with Google Drive Share Link Option

To share an image in a discussion, blog regularly you require an immediate link to the jpg so it would be demonstrated embedded in a post with Google Drive Direct Image Url with Google Drive Share Link Option. You can get Direct Download Link from Google Drive Also.

Using the following some of the steps you can get an immediate link

Watch Video "How to Get Direct Image Link" in English, Urdu & Hindi

Go to the picture you need an immediate connect to on

Right-tap the picture and pick:

  • in Chrome: "Copy picture URL"
  • in Internet Explorer: "Copy"
  • in Firefox: "Copy picture location"

Presently you can utilize "Paste" to put the link wherever you like.

An Image of Specific Size

In any case if you need to get a picture of a particular size, you can alter the link above as clarified here.

There are distinctive parameters you can use to get diverse effects.

You can simply change the number(s) utilized in the parameters clarified below as well as in video with some other number to get an alternate size and get Google Drive Direct Image Url. If you ask for a size bigger than the "physical" measure transferred to Picasa Web Albums, the physical size of the picture will be returned (for example, in the event that you ask for the picture in 200 pixels wide, and you request 300 pixels, just a picture of 200 pixels will be returned).

There are some of the steps that you should also follow

  1. Step 1. Create a folder in Google Drive
  2. Step 2. Upload Picture
  3. Step 3. Get Shareable Link with Right Click
  4. Step 4. Modified Url



Change only red colored text.