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July 2, 2018
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Gentle Speaking


Speaking gently involves using gentle words and a gentle tone. It means speaking gently to others, and perhaps more importantly, to yourself. By speaking gently, we can attain the spiritual power of rule. Treating someone harshly is a kind of moral sin which can devastate our good deeds.

Importance of Speaking Gently

Speaking gently to everyone is a good trait in our character. By being gentle we are likely to lose nothing and gain much in terms of friendship, good will and even material rewards. It places our character and personality in a very good light and creates an everlasting impression in the minds of others. These soft words create a forever impression on the other’s hearts. The reward of adopting this habit is that in this mortal world is the good deeds and the everlasting pleasure. It also brings reward in the eternal life.
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Why is Gentleness so Important

Speaking gently is the best way to train a child and win over his love and trust. If you don’t adopt the mild attitude your teachings will not persist for a prolong period. Our attitude should be soft to the aged and old people to create such an atmosphere in which they can pass their remaining days peacefully.

Journaling is a good way to start listening to yourself. Write whatever comes to mind and after a few months you may notice a pattern. In hindsight, I realized that my old patterns included phrases like “This is too good to last”. This made me sabotage my romantic relationships because I was always expecting things to end and of course they did, because expectations tend to be self-fulfilling.

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Affirmations are a good way to learn to speak to ourselves both gently and effectively. Instead of telling ourselves “I have bad skin, and nobody will be attracted to me” you could write down and say to yourself everyday “I have a great smile and people are drawn to my cheerful attitude”. Either way, you will be right because your thoughts create your reality, so you may as well choose the reality you want.

Writing down affirmations is important because this positive self-talk seldom comes naturally to us, unless you were fortunate enough to have extremely affirming parents and this is your thinking pattern from a young age. Since it is not natural, we need to decide what we want to think, write it down, then read it every day.

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When you are kind to yourself, it is easy and natural to be kind to others. We tend to be quick to criticize others when they make a mistake, but often omit to point out when they are doing something right. It only takes a minute each day to tell somebody who crosses your path what you appreciate about them.

Often, we feel the need to criticize others “for their own good”. Criticism seldom improves a person but makes them defensive and resistant instead. Usually we justify criticism of others that way, when the truth is that we are irritated inside and just need to vent our negative thoughts. Don’t. The only time to offer feedback is when someone asks for it. And even then, be kind.

Our conditioning has trained us to focus on things that go wrong. We are quick to point out mistakes made by our spouses, children, friends and colleagues. You can balance this negative tendency by deliberately finding someone to compliment every day.

Remind yourself to say something nice to someone the moment you arrive at work, or before going for lunch, or before you head home for the day, or when you step into your home. Or do it at all four times of the day! That should change you and your immediate little world unbelievably in the space of a year.

Go for it. Ignore the awkwardness and dump the excuses. Of course, you can do it. Remember how you wanted to change the world when you were little? Well, you can. Simply by often speaking gently to whoever happens to cross your path. Be a force for good.

Gentleness mean recognizing that the world around us is fragile, especially other people. It is recognizing our own capacity not do harm and choosing instead to be tender, soft-spoken, soft hearted and careful. When we are gentle we touch the world in different ways that preserve and protect it. Being gentle doesn’t mean being weak; gentleness can firm, even powerful. To behave in a gentle manner an reactive. To behave in a gentle manner requires that we stay centered in own rules and strength that we are active rather then reactive. Coming down from this center, a gentle world or touch can channel our energy into healing or making peace.

"We are the creator of our inside world .........."



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