Fatima Ali
August 17, 2018
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Forbidden Love

As I stood there in front of the mirror,
I saw the emptiness in my eyes.

Eyes which were once full of colour and joy,
Were now lifeless and dreamless.

My body: which I adorned so much,
Had become a cage for my soul.

What has happened to me?
What will become of me?

Will they accept me?
Perhaps I need help!

Oh, no wait…perhaps a prayer!
Surely, God listens to his creation.

These thoughts…how will I rid myself of them?
I am a prisoner of my own ideals.

But, wait! Did I construct this prison?
Oh…no, she dragged me into it.

But I let her get into my head,
Why? Because I like her?

Nonsense! I can’t love her,
She’s a woman and so am I!

Why would I love someone who’s like me?
Love is supposed to be about mystery and magic.

There’s no mystery here…she is like me,
But, magic…I feel it when she’s around.

She is the J.K Rowling to my Dursleys’,
The ‘Hermonie’ to my curiosity.

But why do I like her?
There’s no mystery to her.

Her skin as soft as a baby’s,
But I also possess the same delicate feature.

Her eyes are dreamy and full of vigour,
Mine…not so much, but that’s nothing extraordinary.

Her lips soft as feather,
So are mine, perhaps softer.

Even so, still no mystery,
Why do I like her?

Someone’s looks shouldn’t be enough to love them,
Do I love her? I don’t know

Am I fascinated by her?
Perhaps, most likely yes.

What am I thinking?
Such thoughts would displease God.

He condemns such love,
He does not recognize this as love.

It’s an act of Satan,
Has the Satan got the best of me?

But love is blind,
And so is this LOVE,

Wait…I don’t love her,
I simply adorn her.

Why do I adorn her?
No, wait…perhaps I am envious of her beauty.

O! Yes, I am envious,
Why wouldn’t I be? And who wouldn’t be?

She is the most beautiful girl in town,
Her eyes almond-shaped, hazel green.

Her chest broad, breasts…bell shaped,
Her long artistic, soft fingers.

Who wouldn’t love her?
Oh, no wait…I don’t love her.

I’m jealous of her,
She is pretty and I am not.

O…her voice is the music to my ears,
Her plump lips give the softest kisses.

Her arm’s touch is like God’s gentle embrace,
Her legs are petite and toned.

Her cheeks are soft and plump,
Her walk is that of a Princess.

Her grace is that of a Queen.
Whenever I close my eyes and imagine her,

A sneaky smile forms on my face.
I forget all my fears and my grievances,

When she visits me in my dreams.
Do I love her?

No, I yearn and desire her!
Without her, I’m miserable,
With her, I’m me!


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