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December 26, 2018
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Fashion Pakistan – Then and Now

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life".

The culture and social values of a country has profound
impact on the life style of its citizens. Fashion is not about label, it's
something that comes inside of you. Pakistan fashion has different eras. It has
it own rise and fall. But for now it has changed a lot since 2000. The fashion
of Pakistan is so old we have different eras even before the birth of Pakistan.
Late 40s and then the birth of Pakistan sees it has own fashion industry.

The era of 40s

It was the time when Muslims of Pakistan were struggling for
their independence. In the era of 40s fashion paid homage to the Muslim
craftmen. At that time dressing reflected Luck now style dressing like Shararas, Ghararas and Aligarh Pajamas. The fashion icon of that time
are Fatima Jinnah and Begum Rana Laiqut Ali Khan.

The era of 50s

Independence brought a enough change in the people of
Pakistan. This change brings Change in their dressing as well. Chararas, Ghararas and Aligarh Pajamas
change in saris. In which women feel more comfortable and women were delighted
to this change. The celebrities of that time like Noor Jahan and Shameem Ara
were the celebrity icon of that time.

The era of 60s

This era brought a prominent change in Pakistani dressing
style. It was the time when women were inspired by Western style but it was a
mixture of Easter and Western culture. New styles such as peddle pushers (calf
- length trouser). Bell bottom, printed leggings, hip tight Pents and flapper
with tight short kameez. The era of 60s also remember for the hem of the kameez
went shorter. Laces were introduced to enhance the beauty of saris.

The era of 70s

The era of 70s widely changed the public mood as well as
fashion mood. The 70s were the decade to wear wild prints and mixup bright
colour like Disco, Glitter and Glomour, marked to the 70s trend. In the 70s
maxi dress become so common that it is essential for every women Wardrobe. While
long kameez are in fashion and shalwar become order of the day.

The era of 80s

The era of 80s inspired by 70s and mostly considered shalwar
kameez, dhoti kurta for men, Turkish and pataila of shalwar. This era reflect
our Punjabi culture. Nazia Hassan appeared as a fashion icon of 80s.

The era of 90s

The era of 90s appeared as a golden period of Pakistan. When
Pakistan was at the peak of success in every fields, we won the world cup, Jansher
Khan winning streak. The decade saw the wedding lehengas, Baloch shalwar and
jeans. Shiffon saris were back but confined to evening parties. It is Right to
say that 90s was the era of duppata. Banarsi dupattas along with saris offered
variety of colours and patterns.

The era of 20s

Fashion in 2000 all about comfortable, stylish outfits. The
change in women trouser style pegis trouser, palazza, wide leg Jean / trouser,
cigarettes pants, caparis and tulip trouser and at last churidar pajamas.
Famous fashion icon of 20s are Marie.B, Junaid Jamshed, Bintalbilaad, ego and
much more.

Trends 2018

This year medium size shirt are in trends. Cigarettes pants
are now ready to come back. With the passage of time Pakistani women have
adopted new style, some of which are the combination of Eastern plus Western

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