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July 9, 2018
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A Cure for your Gloomy Life

A Cure for your Gloomy Life - Nature

Nature is a blessing that we humans tend to overlook. It exists for us and for our experiences; you should note how most of the time our favorite memories are linked to experiencing mountains or looking at waterfalls. It is pretty hard to deny that comfort and relaxation, both can be achieved hand in hand by appreciating nature and indulging into the unreal experience it has to offer us.

You fail your choice university’s entrance exam, your mom scolds you for not getting decent enough grades, your favorite pet ends up dying or any other horrible thing that you’ve experienced: they don’t go away that easily. If nature could be a therapist no one would pay heaps of bucks just for counseling because finding a cure among nature varies among people.

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You can find comfort in other hobbies while someone would prefer to sit in a park and read a book with chirping sounds. The way we look and interact with nature is what describes our personality (in a subtle way), even though it pretty evident now that everyone’s choice of relaxation and therapy varies, this article will focus more on the elements of how nature can be your long lost buddy.

Let's talk from a small experience of mine; I got to witness the ever growing mountains and crystal clear rivers located in the northern areas of the South Asian country, Pakistan. It was the first time when I felt so insignificant but powerful at the same time. My mind focused towards every single sound the Earth was singing and it felt like my own heartbeat became one with it.

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The soft swaying trees and the harsh cutting rocks, everything seemed to be put in its order and realizing how they all focus on being a part of Mother Nature even though all of them are so diverse and different from each other, it can really warm one’s heart.

We are gifted with not only natural treasures like minerals or fresh water but also the psychological effect it can have on us. The natural environment needs to be appreciated for what it provides us with; it ensures our humans survival and contributes to our existence. It has made what art is today; without the influence that humans carry from this world we wouldn’t ever be able to make regular art what it is today.

Religin isn’t deemed to be that important in terms of following to realize the spiritual effect nature can have on us. We can learn to clap for the mountains, streams, and fields without linking it to a religion. Even non-religious individuals have admitted to feeling a superior power controlling the meadows, it is completely okay if you feel the opposite but nature is known to carry spiritual relief. Even in yoga, one can connect to an unknown feeling; nature works in similar ways, it ensures that the person watching it dwells into the hypnotizing feeling that seems to ooze.

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Every single aspect that makes up of the natural world is worth debating upon. Walking on a thick field in the middle of the forest, you’d find unlimited insects that you wouldn’t even dreamed to see. Yes, that experience sounds scary for anyone that isn’t good with insects but trust me, seeing that the world is made up of such minute yet detailed organisms: it can leave you in awe. It is worthwhile to notice that you shouldn’t indulge in witnessing a forest unless you went for a hike with a team or some supportive individuals; some forests can be pretty dangerous with the inclusion of harmful wild animals.

Another crucial thing to be pointed out is that, writing about your experiences or thought on nature can be a surreal way of reliving stress. It triggers your brain to remember the good parts of your life and diverts the attention from your pessimistic thoughts; it helps in maintaining a fresh and clear mind. The words that you cannot seem to point out or speak; they can be projected onto paper. All the overflowing thoughts that you have regarding the natural environment and its counterparts it can be extremely reliving to make them a subject for your works.

Our tiring and destructive times can be completely normalized through sitting in a park while hearing the birds chirp away; I think that it is evident on how nature can be a friend that we never had. Your health both physically and mentally can be cured (not entirely) but nature definitely does play a part in helping. Some people find it pretty annoying when they are told to stick to nature in order to cure their anxiety or intrusive thoughts but some can actually find peace in it. It depends on the person.

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I experienced a lot of changes in my thinking mechanism since I travelled and went out to scenic places; my intrusive thoughts that used to bother me the whole day seemed to remain at a pause when I looked at those huge glaciers. I believe you can settle your over thinking brain for a few moments if you witness anything relating to nature, yes it doesn’t mean that your mind will automatically cleanse of all the negative point of view’s but you’d seem to handle it a bit better; more so experiencing temporary relief form a significant problem. Everyone handles it differently, by the way, if this solution is temporary for you it can be life-changing for other people, to the point they don’t need to suffer from the original problem anymore.

Overall, it is stressed to utilize the gifts of nature as much as possible. We get so engraved in the real world that we forget to sit back and look at the natural elements waiting to be explored. Nature opens countless doors for us and proves to be a friend during our dire time of need; ignoring it when it needs us the most can be quite cruel. A cure could be medicine or it could be running in a grassy field. I hope by contemplating through this article you can comprehend the vitality that a natural environment can carry along with medicine.

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