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October 7, 2018
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Create Direct Download Link for Google Drive

Are you searching the whole web to find the answer of how to create direct download link for Google Drive to download your documents? Then you are at the right place. Here I will explain in detail technique of creating a direct download link of Google Drive with video tutorial (in Hindi, Urdu and English).

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How to Make Direct Download Link with G.Drive

There are number of advantages to save your documents on Google Drive. One of the preferences is that you can share your important documents with only one link or straightforwardly download link. Significant free cloud storage website, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive enable clients to control their document access, and clients can without much of stretch offer personal documents by making a link.

Here, I will disclose to you how to get a direct download link for Google Drive for a file and documents in Google Drive with video tutorial (in Urdu & in Hindi also), so clicking that link will not perceive any document review page, and instantly download the document in your computer. It is extremely helpful for site owners since they can have host public files on google drive and save bandwidth.

File Size Limit for getting Direct Download Link for Google Drive

In fact, the audio/video document size should be under 100MB, generally, Google Drive will complain it cannot examine the infection and will decline to directly download your required file. In the event that your video document size is bigger than 100MB, open the modified Google Drive direct link with Google Chrome, right tap the button "Download anyway", Then click Copy Link Address from the setting menu.

How to Get Direct Download Link for Google Drive File

Google Drive does not offer an alternative for making these "Direct download Links" yet you can undoubtedly make them by somewhat adjusting the generated URLs. Here is the steps.

Follow the steps given below:

1. Sign in to your Google Drive account with a browser.

2. Right-click on a file you want to share, and select ‘Get shareable link‘.

Direct Download Link for Google Drive

3. Enable ‘Link sharing’ and click on sharing settings.

4. Select ‘Anyone with the link can view’ and then press the done button.

5. Copy the link and remove the file ID from the URL (e.g.

6. When you get to this link, it will render the document in the browser however if you can rewrite this URL marginally, the address, when clicked, will download the relating document in the client's browser as opposed to opening it in the browser. The altered URL would be:

7. Now use this parameter:

8. Only replace red marked words from urls.

Direct Download Links for Google Drive for Documents

This technique works for local Google Documents as well however, the URL design is somewhat different.

When you share the file or document the URL will look like this


Before Modified Link of Google Drive

Your Shareable Link:

After Modified Link of Google Drive

Replace Red Words:

Replace /edit with /export and add the file format that the document or file should be saved as and your download link is completed.

Now the above link will download the file in directly in your Computer or SD Card.

Watch Video Tutorial for Getting Direct Download Link for Google Drive