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August 31, 2018
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Choosing the Right Career

How to Choose a Career Path

There are certain career decisions that influence our entire lives. The path we choose to take is what defines us, it is what can make us or what can break us. It all depends on only a few decisions we make in life that have the greatest impact on our lives. If we fail to recognize the importance of these decisions, the future will be a hard place to be in. However, the problem is that some of these decisions are to be taken too early in life when we have little experience and knowledge of the world. One such decision is choosing the appropriate career. Without the appropriate career guidance and career counselling, it isn’t rare to see people taking on the wrong path.
So, how can we decide which road to walk on? There are a number of factors one should keep in mind before they make their choice.

What is your passion ?

A profession is a way of life. Your profession will define how you will live the rest of your life, it is how you will live with yourself. When choosing a profession, you should listen to your heart, think where your passion lies. Ask yourself, what kind of profession and job will fill your life with thrill. Something you will look forward to be doing every day, something you won’t need a break from every now and then. It will be very hard if you go for a profession where waking up each morning to go to work feels like a burden. A person spends around forty years doing a job, and spends around fifteen years preparing to get into that professional life. Basically, about eighty percent of your life is spent in either doing or pursuing a career. If this time is spent doing something you love doing, life is will be much easier. Besides, what can be better than earning for doing something you love?
Too many people go for jobs they don’t want to do, this will not just make life harder for you but also, you will never work to your full potential in a profession you don’t feel passionate about.

Benefits you can provide to the society with your profession

The success and failure of a society depends on the people that live in it. Everyone is born with a talent, skills that can be used to benefit the society. Nature has divided these in somewhat an equal manner, so all pillars of the society can be strengthened by people and the burden is divided equally on all professions. You should implore on what you are best at and do it, keeping in mind how this will benefit the people around you and the society you live in. Today, the world is largely benefiting from the intellectual minds, people who are curious and innovative. Every society has its own needs, look around yourself and see what the world needs. Then, cross check that with your abilities and passion. This will make it easier for you to decide what career will you and the people around you benefit from.

Seek guidance from your parents

Experience and exposure is such a vital part of our lives and helps put everything into prospective in a much better way. However, the problem here is that a teenager, upon whose tender shoulders the weight of his future is dropped down often too soon, had neither experience nor the exposure of the world that lies beyond. They are daydreamers who think of ideal situations and try to live accordingly. But the world out there gives no ideal situations neither any ideal opportunities. Instead of just breaking your heart when you see the world as it is, it is a good idea to discuss things with your parents and mentors. It will become much clearer to you how the world works and this in turn will help you see clearly where the path you choose will lead you. You will be told about the pros and cons before you step out into the world, this will help you fight and survive the world.

The financial stability a career provides

Too often a person’s passion can blind them to things that will matter in life. As a teenager all you can want is to sit and play video games or dress up and look good, there is nothing wrong with having such things as your passion. However, the problem is that in most parts of the world, these will get you nowhere in term of finances. As a teenager, that might not matter to you, because you fail to understand its importance. But if you are struggling to put food on your plate, then maybe you need to think over what to choose between needs and wants. You will want to pursue these passions as career but they will get you nowhere, you will have to realize you need to support yourself and those dependent on you. These choices will not be easy but nevertheless, can have an impact on your entire life. Of course these things can get you far in life too, but for that you will have to do a critical analysis on where you live and what these passions of your mean to that society.

There are certain decisions you have to live with all your life, based on which you will live years to come. Things that will have an impact on every single day of your life and the people around you. It’s a shame that most of us have to make these decisions so early in life, we don’t even know their importance. But the world works the way it works, there isn’t much we can do as individuals to change anything, but we can go with the flow of the world and try to shape ourselves better for what’s to come in life. It will need struggle, sacrifice and determination, but when in the end you will be loving the life you dream of, it will all be worth it. So choose and decide wisely, this is certainly one the decisions you will have to live with your entire life.

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  1. Vladimir Novakovski

    At a high level, I would say to follow the intersection of what you’re passionate about, where you can make a difference, and a field that itself has impact.

  2. Kulvinder Singh

    Choosing a right track for spectacular career is now a days difficult for everyone due to vast competition .For a consistent spectacular careers no doubt smart hard work is required.but before putting your max effort once should now his/her track.For selecting unambiguis way self analysis/evaluation is necessary.

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