Alizeh Rangoonwala
October 7, 2018
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How to Enjoy Healthy Eating

Try not to feel regretful about eating comfort nourishment. Make the most of your food and keep its balance that adjusting what you eat, inspirational states of mind and satisfying mealtimes are critical parts of the healthy diet. Tips to enjoy healthy eating counting good nutrition as well. Quit stressing over what you eat and […]

Mariam Saeed
October 5, 2018
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Medical advantages and disadvantages of Marijuana

Disadvantage of Marijuana, with gradual flow of time there has been sudden upheaval in psyche of many individuals, the intake of Marijuana has become quite random, instigating many disadvantages side by side with advantages to the medical makeup of individual. Many neurological and psychological problems have paved their way towards the use of Marijuana as […]

Mahnoor Ikhlaq
September 11, 2018
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Depression at work – What you should Know

Depression Definition : What is Depression? Depression is a mental disease that has become very common these days. As the world has been gone through some revolutionary changes, all that comes to everyone’s share is a hectic routine of the whole day. There is a lot more physical and mental exertion as well when it […]

Syeda Zaineb Fatima
September 10, 2018
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5 Major Weight Loss Tips | Weight Lose Fast

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 5 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST Lose Weight Fast with 5 major weight loss tips. You should needed to be followed if the motive is to lose weight fast. Balanced nutrition Lose weight fast with food because food can promote both gain and loss of weight but it’s only a […]

Try Essay
August 2, 2018
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Human Body & Down Syndrome

DOWN SYNDROME CAUSES & CURE The researchers found out that from every 700 babies one birth is of Down syndrome baby. In human body every single cell contain nucleus with genetic materials and those materials help to store the genes. Genes further contain codes which are mainly responsible for all of the genetic or inherited […]