What is Impression

Impression of Words on personality

Your know what is Impression of words? Every person has his/her own source of motivation and different things can affect the person contrarily. As far as myself is concerned, I am mostly affected by words because the chosen words effect personality. Words have a lot of impact in my life for the past few years […]


Qualities of A Good Leader

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. ”¬†John C.Maxwell A society when works together with high level of understanding and strength, leads the path towards brilliance. When people in a specific workplace work together diligently, it gives rise to a unique entity known as to be an […]

What Will People Say?

What will People Say? Log kia Kahen Gy…!

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY?¬†(LOG KYA KAHEN GY?) Well, many of us must be familiar with this feeling. You all must have come across this subject on the internet many times. There is so much to read about this. I have seen many quotes and articles written on this topic all over the world. But unfortunately, […]

8 Main Reasons to Delay in Marriage

8 Reasons to Delay in Marriage Need to Understand

8 REASONS TO DELAY IN MARRIAGE Nowadays if we can see around individually we will see how many parents are facing challenges in the marriages of their children. Well if you observe the most of us are self-created. That is all, that I have gained by observing married lives. A few of them, I would […]

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