Syeda Zaineb Fatima
January 4, 2019
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During teenage everyone comes across a difficult period of time when they are standing face to face with the path they would be choosing for their future that awaits them so career counseling near me is very important in life before starting your career. Today we will will discuss on career counseling for teenagers.

Career Counseling Near Me

Usually at that time, for most of the teenagers many career options seem to be very fascinating because at that time they are looking at the destination and not at the journey they would be taking in order to reach up to the destination. For instance, the children who hold an interest in arts and being extremely good at it end up choosing medical studies because being a professional doctor seems to be intriguing and when the journey begins for that, they realize in the midst of it that this is not what they wanted to do all along. The reason behind this is lack of career counseling provided at the time when minds were young and everything whether holding logic or not, seemed rather captivating.

Majority of the teenagers choose a pathway without any proper counseling of whether the career they going to opt is even good for them or not. Some start career without any career coach. Career counseling near me, All children should have a right to choose they career of their own choice but with proper guidance. They should have proper knowledge about the future they want to choose for them before making a decision that should not be regrettable.

When they choose a career without proper career counseling, what actually happens is that they are only judging a book by its cover which is never appreciated. When they do so, they lose interest in studying the subject chosen by them. And when that happens, the “once a bright kid” starts losing hope in himself and starts considering himself somehow lesser than others. In reality the same kid would do wonders in the subject he actually holds interest in which he would have opted if proper counseling and guidance would have been given to him.

For those teenagers who are having trouble choosing a career that best suits their interest and talents, there must be career counselors in school for their help. Career counseling should always be promoted so that the life altering decisions made by teenagers are positive and beneficial for them rather than a matter of disappointment and utter regret. It should be made sure that the students choosing medical studies, actually wants to do it, the student who wants to study law actually wants to go through the journey to reach at the chosen destination. It should be made sure that these decisions are not being taken with a blind eye because no career is easy with lack of interest in it.