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July 16, 2018
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8 Reasons to Delay in Marriage Need to Understand


Nowadays if we can see around individually we will see how many parents are facing challenges in the marriages of their children. Well if you observe the most of us are self-created. That is all, that I have gained by observing married lives. A few of them, I would like to highlight:

Problem 1: Multi-Moon Sister in Law/ Hero Alike Son in Law

We people prefer nature of person overlooks which is obviously wrong in all senses. According to a research, good looks of a man are not enough to fulfill your hunger, as well as the only beauty of a woman, is never enough to rectify your peers.

Problem 2: Meetings before marriage

Well, many of you will go against me on this. All your rights!

It's one of the major reasons in today's generation, which is actually causing a problem in the marriage procedure. After the official commitment, they start interrupting into each other privacies. And how is unfamiliar with, on and off meetings.

Problem 3: Girl's advanced studies and independent career

It's dirgeful for us, we have mentally trained the girls to get higher education and make an independent career. To some extent it’s good to make girls more confident about them but on the other girls who are not into higher studies. They become the victim of this standardization. Let them chose what they want "Choti Umar ma shaadi" or "higher studies or acha career". And what’s with the girls, if they are highly educated they start to think no man can reach up to their standards. Hold on girls! You will defo never want to hear anything like this about you then don't say it to anyone. We all have might be heard "treat others as you want to be treated".

Problem 4: THE MOST IMPORTANT-No practice of austerity and ingratitude

Somehow, 21st-century parents are responsible for this. Parents have just made up their mind that if their baby girl will not wear BRANDED outfits or not travel in LUXURIOUS cars after marriage, she will never be considered happy. Well, that's totally wrong. We sometimes lost good in search of better. This is quite materialistic. We should encourage girls and as well boys to be thankful for every gesture of kindness to each after marriage. Girls should be taught to settle for less. The word "thank you" it ain't so little. Boys should learn to appreciate your wife's daily routine either she is a housewife or a working woman. This is easy to say “TUM SARA DIN KARTI KYA HO" but hard to execute her responsibilities.

Problem 5: Dowry and Lavish customs of a wedding

We have just totally ignored the teachings of Islam in this matter. We have created problems for ourselves. Many from new generations want to skip these dowry stuff and lavish weddings but they are considered to be backward. That's not fair at all. If the parents of a girl want to give her some gifts (on first should not be considered as dowry) for her ease. Boy, you got no rights to demand it for your ease. Even don't expect!

Problem 6: After marriage, girls as a REPORTER

We are not unfamiliar with this problem; it's commonly seen that nowadays discuss every little of their In-laws with their parents. This is wrong in all manners. In the first place, you should discuss it with your husband. We as a woman cannot even imagine, how we create problems for us by involving others in our private matters. Keep in mind that nobody can understand your husband better than you can. You should try to deal with your matters on your own. If you don't even give it a try and keep on calling your mother. Then don't even need to get offended over this " tumhara dhayan apne pichlon ki Taraf he hota ha". Most important mothers should not encourage the gossips of her daughter’s in-laws. Stop her in the first place, so she should know she has to handle it on her own.

Problem 7: Privacy matters

Give her, her space. So she can handle the house better. By all means, only the husband is the first preference of a wife. We overload her by giving her all the responsibility at once and expect 100% performance from her. If her husband is satisfied with her performance then you have no right to judge and put extra load on her. Husband has not right to disgrace her wife at any cost. No one should bring their nose in a couple’s business. But girls at the same place should consider their Susral as their home because they have to live their whole life there. Give her time to adjust. Because it's always better to justify than judge! It’s quite a disappointing reality when a girl gets married and starts her life in her susral- one wrong move and she's a goner. Let the girl breath. Consider her own daughter and she should consider them her parents.

Problem 8: Useless bespeaks

You should stop making useless bespeaks. Because sometimes it ended up making your essentials one, useless. Boys, in the first place, should keep an active eye on the needs of the wife.

In the end, I would say all the requirements for a successful marriage are compromise and understanding. If there is still a problem then first look and try to improve and correct yourself first then to point the finger towards your better half.


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