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September 10, 2018
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5 Major Weight Loss Tips | Weight Lose Fast



Lose Weight Fast with 5 major weight loss tips. You should needed to be followed if the motive is to lose weight fast.

  • Balanced nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Lose weight fast with food because food can promote both gain and loss of weight but it’s only a matter of choice of the food taken in. There are certain types of food which majorly helps in weight loss if taken in the right amount including almonds, bananas and broccoli. Sometimes it is assumed that not eating enough food will help in the required process of weight loss but this assumption basically leads to unhealthy weight loss. If one desires to do it in the right way then the only answer is the right selection of food.

  • Monitored exercise

Monitored exercise

Being physically active is a major aspect while considering lose weight fast. Neither too much exercise is good nor too less. An adequate amount of daily monitored exercise can prove to be healthy. A routine of daily morning walk is best recommended exercise for a healthy and active body and brain. It greatly helps in lose weight fast. 

  • Avoiding high GI (Glycaemic Index) foods

Foods with high glycaemic index are the ones that contain very high amounts of sugar. It is extremely necessary to avoid such foods since sugar is a major contributor in the gaining of weight. Foods with high GI include French fries, maple syrup, donuts etc. Dates should not be taken very often as they have the highest glycemic index, that is 103 which makes it the most high with sugar content.

  • Staying hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Water is the most important requirement of a healthy body. If the body is not hydrated enough then all the struggle of losing weight in a healthy manner goes in vain. Water plays vital role in everything we do. Considering this, it is highly recommended to drink a glass of water every half hour before eating meals for lose weight fast.

  • Eating when hungry

Feeling Hungry

Eating when hungry is best way to lose weight fast. Mostly it is suggested to leave eating a meal with a little hunger still left. It is the most righteous way to eat. It majorly promotes healthy weight loss. There should be three proper meals of the day at proper timing and weight loss promoting snacks must always be at hand so that they can be consumed when hunger is being felt this can help in avoiding unwanted weight gain which most of the people experience because the timing of taking meals is usually improper and it is not considered important to keep a check on it.

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  1. Richard Dihlman

    Go GMO and Gluten free for 90 days.Drink 2liters of clean water a day. Keep your protein levels at 70 percent plant based and 30 percent animal protein.Get your sugar intake form vegetables and fruits and stevia and natural honey.Handful of walnuts daily and handful of sunflowers seeds daily, teaspoon of muster seeds daily and two ground table spoon of flax seeds and two table spoon of seseme seeds daily, 3dates daily,black Curcumin seeds ground tea spoon daily .Get into a decent excerise program.Good luck you can lose 25 lbs in 90 days I’ve done this and it really works.

  2. Fairy

    Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  3. Darly Siu

    Limiting ones caloric intake, normally 3200 daily. if the person is active, 2750 calories. Otherwise if he /she is using diet alone, 2500 calories. Replenish /re-hydrate with H2O { drinkable water }.

    Any major muscle movement “activity” which increases a person’s resting heart rate 11% to 16 percent. Lasting for at least 28 minutes, performed 4 to 5 times weekly. Otherwise.

    Keep on truckin’…& good luck, in the future!!

  4. Karen L.Pringle

    My Opinion:
    Quit ALL dairy and wheat “products.” They are junk, you don’t need to “nurse” from a cow, and the wheat is congesting your, your organs, glands and creating plaque and calcifications in your body and brain as well as a gut you don’t need.

    Next, learn how to become a Plant Based Eater!


  5. Khalid Hossen

    many thing add about weight loss. some people use exerciser for weight loss and some people use food diet and etc . But i think best tips to weight loss for exercise. this tips is the best for weight loss. go here for exercise

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